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Aufgaben und Ziele der EUF

Sommet du Carrelage, Marseille, 5 July 2007

5 July 2007, the Federation of European Tile Fixers’ Associations EUF met the French tile fixing association UNECB in Marseille for an exchange of ideas between trade, commerce and manufacturers. More than 150 national and international guests followed the first “Tile Table” with great interest. With the UNECB President Jacques Vinet acting as chairman and Véronique Debrunetz from Référence Carrelage acting as moderator, representatives from the EUF, UNECB, the CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Research Centre), the manufacturing companies Villeroy & Boch, Tau, Mapei, Weber Broutin as well as representatives from the marketing and purchasing management of Saint Gobain discussed many interesting issues from the tile world. 

During this first “Sommet du Carrelage“, the participants not only discussed technical issues but also the future of the tile trade. 

The participants agreed that a tile package should weigh considerably less than 25 kg. As Europe’s market leader in terms of commerce, Saint Gobain explained that, in future, only those tile manufacturers who meet the voluntary undertaking will be listed. 

The representatives of the tile fixing organisations complained that often enough products such as large-format tiles were being produced in isolated processes without previously having adhesive manufacturers and tile fixers undertake technical feasibility studies. 

The participants also discussed the fact that quite often tile packages did not contain care instructions necessary for the tile fixer. Furthermore, they talked about misleading designations such as “glazed stoneware” and “rectified tiles”. 

As the bottom line, all participants from commerce and trade as well as the manufacturers wish to intensify their communication and cooperation in future. The EUF will promote these efforts and will represent and publish the tile fixers’ interests on the European stage. 

There will be more “Tile Tables” to come.