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Aufgaben und Ziele der EUF

EUF-Fliesentage on 11 June 2010 in Alkmaar / The Netherlands

B r i e f   m i n u t e s

The team of BOVATIN organised this year's Fliesentage at the training center ESPEQ in Alkmaar. We would like to thank Mrs. Olga Tomaello and Mr. Gerald Reus as well as Mr. Teus Zanen for their hospitality and for organising this excellently planned event and express our appreciation.
In this frame, the EUF offered a varied programme of topics, supported by four simultaneous interpreters who worked professionally even though the topics were not always easy to understand.

  • CONFINDUSTRIA - Mr. Graziano Sezzi

Figures and trends 2009 / 2010


Mr. Sezzi invites all EUF members to this year's CERSAIE. The costs for 2 overnight stays, admission to the exhibition and the gala evening will be borne by CONFINDUSTRIA. The undersigned will consult you about your participation by separate mail.

Enclosure:  PDF

  • Project 'Laying of large-format tiles' -

Messrs. Jacques Vinet
Brian Newell
H.-J. Aretz


Mr. Vinet regrets that the project has not been implemented quick enough. He announces that the EUF will draw up a letter of opinion addressed to the CET on the occasion of the meeting of the Technical Commission in September.

Enclosure Vinet:   PDF

Enclosure Aretz:  PDF

  • Current range of large-format floor tiles of Royal MOSA - Mr. Ph. Geuskens

Attached please find the presentation of the Dutch market leader.

  • BOVATIN / Stichting Tegels - Mr. Gerald Reus

Attached please also find the presentation of Mr. Reus, who is the successor of the former president and friend of the EUF, Mr. Mario Tomaello, who died a year ago.

Enclosure Bovatin:  PDF

  • Training of craftsmen in Europe - Mr. Frank Pawlik

For years, the training center in Krefeld is committed to the European craftsmen training. Mr. Pawlik explains the priorities of the various measures which are also supported by EU funds.

When summer has come to an end, the EUF will coordinate further action with Mr. Pawlik to organise a congress of the European Tile Training Centers next year.

Enclosure:  PDF

  • Innovative tile development - Mr. de Jagd, DTile

Mr. de Jagd explains the various design possibilities offered by the tile collection DTile, a line developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.
For further information please visit www.dtile.nl


Saarbrücken, 29 June 2010

sgd. Werner Altmayer,
Managing Director

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