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Aufgaben und Ziele der EUF

European Fliesentage 2009 - Bologna, 30 September 2009

The agenda of the European Fliesentage was communicated several times prior to the meeting so we confine ourselves to a short abstract.

However, we would like to point out the outstanding support of CONFINDUSTRIA and its 
chairman, Mr. Franco Manfredini, and particularly like to thank Mr. Graziano Sezzi and his 
fair and exhibition team for their commitment.

1. Mr. Manfredini delivers the opening speech and appreciates the cooperation between the 
European tile fixers and CONFINDUSTRIA. This cooperation should perhaps also lead to the
foundation of an Italian tile fixer association.

2. Mr. Sezzi gives a detailed survey of the tile production / tile consumption on the main world
markets. Furthermore, he explains trends regarding products and techniques.
If requested, interested member associations and sustaining members can be forwarded the
presentation written in English language.

3. The signatory explained the concept of the EUF “Healthy Living with Ceramics”.
If requested, the brochure can be forwarded.
Further information is available on the following website

4. Round Table of Ceramics
Prof. Giorgio Timellini (Centro Ceramico)
Alain Delcourt (Desvres)
Carlo Montecchi (Ceramiche Refin)
Dr. Eckard Kern (Villeroy & Boch)
Walter Mauer (Mapei)
Harald Lüdtke (Weber-Deitermann)
Bob Howard (TTA)
Jacques Vinet (UNECB)
W. Ramrath (Deutscher Fliesenverband)
Folco Tomasini (Fédération des Entreprises de Carrelage, Luxemburg)

Conclusion of the event / discussed topics according to EUF briefing

→ Tolerances of tiles in mm
→ Limitation of the formats to safe formats
→ Importance of the joint width
→ Weight of tile packages
→ Improving coordination between tile manufacturers, manufacturers of tile adhesives and tile
fixer organisations in the future

The event aimed at bringing together for the first time all decision makers of our branch 
on a European level and to begin and boost the dialogue.
So it could not be expected that concrete decisions were taken. However, the lively and intensive discussion also made aware that the topics discussed must lead to concrete
solutions for the branch.

Within the European Fliesentage on 11 and 12 June 2010 in Amsterdam the EUF will 
therefore continue the dialogue at the “Round Table of Ceramics”. In the meantime, the
attending participants will work on specific approaches in a smaller circle and present their
solutions on 11 and 12 June 2010.

My sincere thanks to all participants in the group.

Enclosure: briefing papers

5. Company Karl Dahm
Mr. Stefan Müllner presents various technical tools for laying large-sized floor tiles.
Details can be obtained on request from info@dahm-werkzeuge.de.


Saarbrücken, 9 October 2009

sgd. Werner Altmayer, 
General Manager