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Aufgaben und Ziele der EUF

Press release
"European Tile Fixing Championship"

The first "European Tile Fixing Championship" was held at the international fair Cevisama in Spain from 7 to 10 February 2006. This new competition in efficiency is an initiative of the Federation of European Tile Fixers’Association, the EUF, and its supporting members, i.e. outstandingly successful companies in this business.

The "European Tile Fixing Championship" closes the gap between national competitions and the world championship "worldskills". 
Tile fixing journeymen from seven member associations of the EUF presented their craft skills live in hall 2. For two and a half days, the participants had been carrying out a predefined design task in front of an international audience. 

A jury consisting of companies certified by the German Chamber of Crafts and marketing experts from European countries selected three winners who combined craft skills and creativity in the best possible way. On the occasion of a press conference, the jury and the fair director, Mr. Roldan, awarded the following winners with the "Bronze Tile", the "Silver Tile"and the "Gold Tile": 
Frédéric Biaunier, France: the Gold Tile 
Dario Ariano, Luxembourg: the Silver Tile 
Björn Bunge, Germany: the Bronze Tile 
With this championship, which will be held for the 
second time in 2008, the European tile fixing trade nails its colours to 
the mast and promotes the dialogue and the cooperation with 
manufacturers and trading partners.

The participants of the "European Tile Fixing Championship" (from left to right):

Pasqual José, Spain

Bax Maarten, Netherlands

Björn Bunge, Germany

Frédéric Vanhaverbeck, Belgium

Frédéric Biaunier, France

Manuel Kessler, Switzerland

Dario Avian

In front of an international audience at the Cevisama fair in Spain, seven tile fixing journeymen from seven different nations competed live with each other for the title of the "European Tile Fixing Champion".