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Aufgaben und Ziele der EUF

EUROBAUSTOFF accelerates EU project "Healthy living with Ceramics"
Tile Associations let allergy sufferers breathe again

The days healthy living was reserved for eco homes only are long gone. The division Tiles/Natural Stone within the Kooperation EUROBAUSTOFF Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG of Bad Nauheim is also involved in the joint project of European manufacturers and associations called "Healthy living with Ceramics". It's not only the experts of the world of ceramics from our cooperation's head office or our professional group with its particularly strong specialist dealers that are in great demand as insiders and trend-setters. In general, the topic "healthy living" is in the responsibility of the market-leading cooperation of medium-sized builder's merchants which traditionally and primarily define themselves in terms of quality.

"The first concern is that the campaign demonstrates the advantages of ceramic coverings to consumers and processors", explains Werner Altmayer, marketing expert and managing director of the Federation of European Tile-Fixers' Association EUF, the intention of the project. Nowadays, an intelligent and contemporary furnishing is not only determined by excellent value for money, aesthetic demands and energy efficiency but the relationship between practical considerations and health criteria also play an important part. Many consumers ruin their health for not being aware of the toxic substances that can be found in their living space. And all this despite the fact that still 87 percent of the participants in a survey conducted by the Bertelsmannstiftung rank health as their most valuable possession and people strive to design their ambience correspondingly. The concept of "Healthy living with Ceramics" complies with this need and it lets mainly people with respiratory problems breathe again, particularly as this topic is consistently dealt with on a European level. As the tile trade associations were the ones responsible for the campaign, they developed the concept as a joint project of European manufacturers, dealers and associations. The project is convincing and ultimately economically efficient (increase of the market share "tiles") due to the fact that all important participants in the market of ceramics are held responsible. Not least, it might be conducive to the famous holistic self-concept which, according to the Federation of European Tile Fixers' Association EUF, is still lacking in the ceramic industry. Accordingly, on the part of the industry, manufacturers of tiles, building chemistry and tile accessories are involved, on the part of the tile fixers there are the Association of the German Tile Fixing Trade as well as the Säurefliesner Vereinigung e.V. and the European member associations of the EUF. Responsible for the trade are not only competitors of EUROBAUSTOFF, but also the VDF. The Divisional Director Tiles/Natural Stone of EUROBAUSTOFF, Mr. Klaus Kühn, and the Sales Representatives, Mr. Thomas Rastetter and Patrick Pichel, will present the campaign in person to their associates who will then be able to inform their professional customers and consumers by means of several marketing operations. A workshop for trade and craft with active participation of manufacturers is currently being prepared as well. In addition to that, attractive promotions and presentation tools have been developed for the specialised trade for tiles. With these appropriate means integrated into the showroom the dealer finds himself in the position to outdo the competitors and at the same time to convince the visitor to his showroom of the benefits from healthy living. Undoubtedly, one can trust in the convincing arguments in favour of ceramics. Unfortunately, the consumer is not yet fully aware of the numerous advantages. In fact, for many people the discomfort of cold feet persists, although, for example, a straightforward, comfortable and energy-saving floor heating already exists. On top of the list ranks the fact that there is no way for mites and pathogens to survive in the world of ceramics and that house dust can easily be detected and removed. Arguments like durability, robustness, easy-care properties, diversity of colours and dimensions, emissions without environmental impact, heat storage in winter and passive interior cooling in summer round off the list. Further information about the current campaign "Healthy living with Ceramics" is available on the Internet at www.gesundes-wohnen-mit-keramik.eu and www.eurobaustoff.de.